Connecting to the Public HMS Wi-Fi Network

The HMS Public wireless network is designed for HMS guest users. Any laptop with a wireless card can connect to this network without entering a username or password.

  1. Connect your device to the HMS Public Wi-Fi network.
  2. After connecting, visit an HTTP website (for example, the HMS homepage) with a web browser (for example, Chrome or Firefox). Some operating systems will do this automatically.
  3. You should be redirected to the Terms and Conditions page. If you do not get the Terms and Conditions page, see the Troubleshooting steps below.
  4. Go through, read, and select Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  5. You must accept the terms and conditions at least once a day to stay connected.

Enhanced security to the HMS Public Wireless network coming soon!

Troubleshooting HMS Public Wi-Fi
  • Move to another location. The signal may be weak or the access point you are connecting to might be overloaded.
  • Open up a web browser and visit the HMS home pageHTTPS pages will not redirect.
  • Try clearing your browser cache.
  • Try a different web browser (e.g. if you were using Chrome, try Firefox)

HMS private wireless network

The HMS Private wireless network is designed for HMS and HSDM faculty, staff, and students. Use your HMS ID and password to connect to HMS private wireless network.

Connecting to HMS private wireless network on Android
  1. Connect to HMS Private from your wireless settings.
  2. EAP method: PEAP
  3. Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
  4. CA certificate: Use system certificates
    If using the system certificates doesn’t work, try Do Not Validate. You will not be required to enter a Domain in step 5 if you select this option. 
  5. Domain: MED.HARVARD.EDU
  6. Identity: <your HMS ID>
  7. Anonymous identity: <leave blank>
  8. Password: <your HMS account password>
Connecting to HMS Private on Windows
  1. Connect to HMS Private from your wireless settings.
  2. Username: <your HMS ID>
    You may need to add "med\" before your HMS ID. Example: med\your HMS ID
  3. Password: <your HMS acccount password>
Connecting to HMS private wireless network on macOS
  1. Mode: Automatic
  2. Username: <your HMS ID>
  3. Password: <your HMS account password>
  4. Select Connect and confirm security certificates if prompted.

HMS wired network

Connecting to the HMS network will provide you with the internet access you need while on the Harvard Medical School campus or partnering sites. HMS faculty, staff, students, and affiliates located at the Longwood, Landmark, and Quad area can connect to the HMS network either by use of a data jack.

You may need to reboot your computer to obtain an IP address in order to get connected.

Network jack install

Contact your local CSR to see if your request is needed.

To have a network jack installed, submit a work order by completing the Network Jack Request form for installation, upgrade, activation, or repairs. The following information is required in order to process your request:

  • A 33-digit Harvard Account Billing Code Number (for new jack installations only)
  • The building, room number, and jack location
  • A local contact for the room and phone number in case questions or concerns arise

Requesting a manual IP address

A manual IP address is needed for any shared network device, such as a printer or a file server, that requires a consistent network address. Information on this page provides details and instructions needed

To request a manual IP address, fill in the HMS Manual DHCP Request Form. Be sure to provide:

Network connectivity support