Individuals should not attempt to exploit, test, or probe for suspected security holes on HMS computers or networks, but instead should report them to HMS IT Student Computing. Likewise, users should not disseminate to others any information that serves to circumvent or degrade system or network security or integrity. Physical theft, rearrangement, or damage to any University computer or network equipment, facilities, or property is strictly prohibited, and will be reported to the police. This includes all public computer labs, network hubs, wiring, and links. Users may not plug in personal computers or peripheral devices in public computer labs or onto the HMS Network without prior authorization.

HMS IT Student Computing must ensure that academic work takes precedence at all times over other computing activities in its facilities. In situations of high user demand which may strain available computer resources, HMS IT Student Computing reserves the right to restrict (e.g., to specific times of day) or prohibit computer entertainment activities such as game playing. Similarly, loud or disruptive behavior which may hinder academic work in the computer labs is not permitted.

Public computers will undergo daily service and maintenance that may include automatic shutdowns. No personal user data should be stored on public computers as it will be deleted.