HMS IT leverages these specialties to provide comprehensive support services to its user community

IT Support

IT Support includes Deskside Support, Service Desk 2.0, Accounts, and Asset Lifecycle Management. These teams are all led by Lauren Kreisberg.

Deskside Support

The Deskside Support team provides on-campus and remote assistance with workstation software and hardware issues.

Team members include:

  • Jude Sclarsky, Manager
  • Jane Bowman
  • Brett Collins
  • John Reyes
  • Tom Ribaudo

Service Desk 2.0

The Service Desk 2.0 team offers first-touch resolution assistance with general IT questions and issues.

Team members include:

  • Becka Buono, Manager
  • Kai Brown
  • Jason Wilson
  • Jared Friedman

Accounts Office

The Accounts Office team provides in-depth expertise on HMS authentication and application access.

Team members include:

  • Olivia Benzan-Daniel, Manager
  • Debby Chaisson
  • Ricardo Espada
  • Sophia Scantlebury

Asset Lifecycle Management

The Asset Lifecycle Management team handles computer procurement, inventory, secure setup, and replacement of computer workstations across HMS.

Team members include:

  • Cameron Thompson, Manager
  • Don MacNeill
  • Alex Mans
  • Keith Howard

Research Technology Support

The Research Technology Support team offers on-campus assistance with instrumentation, storage, networking, consulting, and workstation setup and hardware issues.

Research Technology Support is led by Matt Balestrieri. Team members include:

  • Peter Cobb, Manager
  • Kenji Kono, Manager
  • Scot Jandly
  • David Kemp
  • Tony Luong
  • Kristopher Moreau
  • Adam Tanner
  • Michael Zhou

Audio Visual Support

The Audio Visual Support team provides on-campus assistance with audio visual systems and services.

Audio Visual Support is led by Adam Lipkin. Team members include:

  • Zac Whitman, Manager
  • Colby Holbrook
  • Diana Shaplyka
  • Jordan Persson
  • Jiexin Qin
  • Merhawi Wells-Bogue