An index of resources and tools offered by the various groups within Research Computing

High-Performance Computing

Resources Description
O2 Documentation  Basic Guide to O2 Cluster and SLURM
O2 Portal A web-based interface for O2
O2 Software
O2 Account Request Form  Request O2 account on the HMS High Performance Compute Cluster 
Research Computing Training Events  Training schedules and information provided by Research Computing Consultants (RCC) 
Using O2 GPU Resources  Guide on how to use O2 GPU resources and submit a GPU job 
O2 Help 

Research Computing Consultants can answer questions by email or in person meetings with one or more researchers on topics such as: running interactive or batch jobs on the O2 compute cluster, troubleshooting slow or failed jobs, choosing, installing, or using software or libraries, scripting, building pipelines, and bioinformatics.

Research Data Management

Resources Description
Harvard LMA Research Data Management Working Group Website  Resources and guidance on research data management (RDM) planning, to prepare it for sharing and reuse. 
HMS Data Management   Information and resources from HMS Research Data Management  
Research Data Management Onboarding Checklist  A general, research data management-focused guide to employee/trainee onboarding as they join a new lab or begin new projects  
Research Data Management Offboarding Checklist  Data management guide on the offboarding of employees/trainees as they complete a project and/or leave the institution 
RDM Electronic Lab Notebook page  Information on Electronic Lab Notebooks, focused on the needs of HMS and affiliates in partnership with the Harvard LMA Research Data Management Working Group.  
Electronic Lab Notebook Service (for HMS on-quad labs and core Facilities) HMS Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) service coordinated by Research Computing, helping HMS Labs and Cores in their ELN selection and implementation processes 
HMS Data Management Plan Template A web-based template designed to help construct a Data Management Plan. Using DMPTool, researchers can access an HMS template with example answers and guiding resources. 


Resources Description
HMS Storage Offerings Comparison chart of various storage offerings available from HMS IT.
Active Compute (O2) Storage Request Form Request a new Active Compute (O2) storage folder or an increase to an existing storage limit. 
Active Collaborations Storage Request Form Request a new Active Collaborations (research.files) storage folder or an increase to an existing storage limit. 
Standby Storage Request Form Request a new Standby (long-term storage) folder or an increase to an existing storage limit. 

Research Imaging Solutions

Resources Description
Research Imaging Seminar Handouts  Handouts that complement Imaging Solutions Lunchtime Seminars 
Research Imaging Seminar Schedule  Schedule of Research Imaging Lunchtime Seminars 

 Research Computing Core

Resources Description
Research Computing Core Overview  Overview of the RC Core and its billable services  
RC Core FAQs  Frequently asked questions about the RC Core 
RC Core Sign-Up Form  Request form to sign up with the RC Core 
RC Core Offboarding Form  Offboarding form to cancel RC services 
O2 External Use Policies  Policy stipulating billing services and eligibility 

Research Applications and Software

Resources Description
Research Application Platforms
  • BioRender 
  • REDCap Research Electronic Data Capture  
  • HMS Github 
  • OMERO 
Research Software 
  • ChemOffice 
  • DNAStar Lasergene 
  • FlowJo 
  • Geneious 
  • GraphPad Prism 
  • JMP Pro 
  • LabVIEW 
  • SnapGene