“Build a collaborative culture of data-driven, evidence-based decision-making that supports ongoing quality improvement and academic integrity”

If this sounds familiar it’s because it is contained in the HMS Mission and Vision statement.  The Data Architecture group exists for the sole purpose of enabling this Strategic Goal.

The Data Architecture group has defined a roadmap towards this end which has three components:

  1. Governance:  We have established a robust governance structure that spans the school and has an engagement at all levels.  We have an overall steering committee, and subcommittees for Medical Education, Administration, and Research that inform the Steering Committee.  These structures define priorities and monitor progress towards goals.
  2. Access:  We are in the process of designing and building an Enterprise Data Warehouse which will gather, secure, integrate, and store data from across the school, and serve that data to those that have permission to access it.
  3. Support:  Are you a “data person”?  We are here for you.  We can help guide you to the data you need and we can support you with tools and training.  Do you need help with data?  We are here for you as well.  To get started, get in touch and let’s start a conversation. Please send us an email at IT_DATA_ARCH@hms.harvard.edu.