This security software must be installed on any Harvard-owned or grant-purchased system connected to the HMS network or used to conduct HMS business. These systems include laptops, desktop computers, and grant-purchased hardware and software. This bundle, combined with two-factor authentication (2FA), helps protect your data.

None of this software tracks or reports on the data stored on your computer.

The required software includes:

  • Systems management software (SMS)Install systems management software (SMS) to enable HMS IT to keep systems up-to-date with the latest security patches and virus definitions. After you install SMS, the threat-monitoring software CrowdStrike will be automatically installed.  
  • Threat-monitoring software – Install CrowdStrike, which helps Harvard respond quickly to advanced attacks using malware and stolen credentials.
  • Antivirus softwareInstall ESET antivirus software if you are quad-based faculty and staff. We recommend that others install Avast for macOS or use the built-in Windows Defender for Windows computers. 

If you need any assistance, contact your local IT support team.

Why this software is required

The integrity of our educational and research missions is critically important to our work here at HMS.  As most of our day-to-day work is executed or enabled by IT systems – from laptops and mobile devices to high-performance computing platforms – threats to those systems endanger our mission.

Get help

Contact your local IT support team if you need any assistance installing the required security software.