Protect digital assets and guard against potential threats

CrowdStrike is an essential antivirus software tool chosen by HMS IT to safeguard the integrity of our educational and research endeavors at HMS. Our modern digital landscape, with its myriad devices and platforms, demands that we guard against potential threats that could jeopardize our mission.

Install CrowdStrike.

  • Eligibility

    HMS IT mandates the use of CrowdStrike
    HMS computers Grant-funded devices

    All Harvard-owned or grant-funded devices connected to the HMS network or used for HMS business must have CrowdStrike installed.

  • Security

    Proactive monitoring
    Analysis Data integrity

    CrowdStrike is engineered to thwart attempts at compromising computer systems by monitoring and analyzing activities. It diligently records program executions, file interactions, and network behaviors, all while ensuring the user's data remains confidential. Importantly, CrowdStrike refrains from delving into the contents of documents and transmitted data.

  • Privacy

    Data security paired with user privacy.
    Minimal data collection Strict access

    While CrowdStrike records specific system-related actions, it respects user privacy by not accessing the content of documents, emails, or other personal data. A select few authorized personnel at Harvard and HMS Information Security can access this data exclusively for security alerts or authorized investigations. All recorded data is securely stored with CrowdStrike, which meets Harvard's stringent data protection standards and is deleted after 30 days following NIST guidelines.

  • Performance impact

    Efficient and non-intrusive.
    Bandwidth Compatibility

    CrowdStrike's design ensures minimal performance interference. Its daily network bandwidth consumption is minimal, ensuring smooth computer operations. Its compatibility with other software is also well-maintained, and HMS IT is committed to testing and ensuring seamless integration across platforms.

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