What is Tableau?

Tableau is the preferred Data Analytics and Visualization Tool at HMS which allows you to present your data in a wide array of visual formats.  This visualization can often provide insights that are not obvious when looking at a grid of numbers. Tableau can can also pull data from most sources such as Excel or the Data Warehouse.

Types of users

  • Creator:  You are a data “power user”, very comfortable working in Excel or maybe even skilled at using SQL to query databases around the School.  Adding Tableau into your toolbox can help you create and publish dashboards with visualizations that go far beyond what you can do in Excel.  In fact, you can get started by plugging Tableau into your existing Excel sheets.
  • Viewer:  You do not need to create dashboards, but would like to directly access a Tableau dashboard published by someone else. 

Getting started

How can we help you?

  • Creators:  If you are a new Tableau user we can help you get started with some Tableau 101 coaching.
  • Creators:  If you need access to data that is in a secured data source we can help.
  • Creators:  We can provide access to self-paced online Tableau training.
  • Creators:  In 2019 we formed a Tableau User Community at HMS for the purposes of sharing best practices and ideas and to learn from each other.  If interested, please contact Sandy Markussen.

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