Get help with remote sessions and recordings

Media Services provides a myriad of remote services designed to support faculty members working remotely. This includes assistance with moderated webinars, Zoom video editing consultations, at-home video production, and captioning services.

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Additional information

  • Eligibility

    Available to all faculty members

    These services are open to all faculty members working remotely and are designed to enhance their ability to deliver education and meetings effectively and efficiently.

  • Moderated webinar help

    Engage large audiences

    We offer technical assistance for Zoom webinars and meetings, making them a great choice for engaging large audiences and hosting seminars or educational sessions. A technician will help set up and manage your live events, assisting with video and content source switching and participant management.

  • Video editing consultation

    Polish your presentations

    Given the increased usage of Zoom for meetings, demonstrations, and educational sessions, we offer consultation services to edit your recorded Zoom sessions into a final, publishable presentation. This includes guidance on using editing tools within and outside Zoom, and assistance with tasks such as trimming, cutting, fixing audio, and rearranging video content.

  • DIY video production

    Create professional content from home

    Teaching and presenting remotely doesn't have to compromise the quality of your content. We advise how to use your own devices to create engaging and polished videos, even when you're working from home.

  • Captioning services

    Improve accessibility with transcriptions

    Our captioning services cater to your needs for video transcriptions and live closed captions. We work with a variety of third-party service providers to find the best solution for your project or event.

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