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Our custom video production service caters to HMS Quad-based departments and groups, providing them with various video creation solutions. These solutions include on-location documentary-style video production, multi-camera studio production, video and sound editing, and motion graphics production. We help you develop your concepts and manage the entire video project from start to finish. Additionally, we provide video production and live-streaming management for complex events such as conferences.

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  • Eligibility

    Available to all HMS quad-based departments and groups
    Departments Groups

    All HMS quad-based departments and groups seeking video production services to enhance communication and storytelling are eligible for this service. Whether it's creating documentaries, studio productions, or managing live-streaming events, our team is available to support your mission.

  • Security

    We maintain high security standards for all our projects
    Confidentiality Secure data

    Our video production service ensures that all your project details, content, and final product are handled with the utmost confidentiality. We adhere to stringent data transfer protocols to safeguard the integrity and security of your content.

  • Overview of services

    Additional information about our production service
    Services Features

    Application and uses

    Visual storytelling serves a multitude of purposes. It provides a quick context for topics under discussion, demonstrates various processes or techniques, and presents human interactions. Moreover, it enables concise explaining concepts and the creation of stories that emotionally resonate with audiences.

    Differences from event recording

    Custom Video Production stands distinct from event recording. Unlike the latter, it's a project-based endeavor, often entailing multiple recording sessions. It calls for collaboration between a producer and a client in the planning stages. Recording involves on-location shoots or studio sessions utilizing high-quality cameras, sound equipment, and lighting. The raw footage then undergoes careful editing to craft a polished video presentation with narration, music, and motion graphics.

    Features and capabilities

    Our Countway Video Production Studio is fully equipped to meet various production needs. The studio offers a 20' x 20' working space outfitted with a lighting grid. We have three cameras ready for recording interviews, group discussions, and panel dialogues. We also provide a selection of backdrops in white, black, and green screen. Additionally, we have provisions for annotated screen recording with a separate presenter camera and high-quality voice recording using lavalier and boom microphones.

    Delivery and distribution

    We ensure the widespread distribution of our custom video production projects. Videos can be provided as a file for your distribution across various platforms like YouTube. Additionally, they can be shared through a Panopto link, the HMS video platform primarily for internal use, or live-streamed on YouTube or other live channels.


    In the interest of inclusivity, we prioritize the accessibility of our videos. All delivery methods, including live events, come with the availability of video captioning.

    Video editing and costs

    In addition to the core production, we offer additional services such as video editing and motion graphics creation for your pre-recorded footage. Transparency in billing is key for us. Note that charges apply for custom video production services for projects outside of academic and educational content produced for HMS M.D., Master's, and Ph.D. programs. For detailed rates, refer to our Custom Video Production Services Rate Card.

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