Services tailored to your event

Our AV service packages provide a range of audio and video services to cater to various event types and requirements. These include standard, attended, and custom offerings.

To request AV services, visit our EMS room scheduling.

Note – Not all packages are available in all venues.


  • Standard offerings

    Comprehensive audio-visual services at no additional cost
    Assisted listening Presentation assistance

    Our standard offerings encompass a wide range of free services, including an assisted listening device for those who require enhanced sound support and classroom exam support, which helps proctor exams with AV technology. We also provide a clinical skills area paging service, ideal for hospital or medical training environments.

    The document camera service can enhance your presentations by projecting detailed images of physical documents. For those needing audiovisual support for their presentations, we provide room AV services, with the option of requesting setup help.

    Finally, we have a video conferencing setup to help ensure your remote communications go smoothly.

  • Attended offerings

    Services that come with professional on-site support
    Meeting support Sound support

    Starting at $65, our attended offerings include support for meetings or panels with the setup of a panel sound system, which includes microphones, as part of the room AV service. Presentation services in this category also include setup and takedown, which is mandatory in some venues. Additionally, we offer a wireless microphone setup for enhanced audio during your event.

    At the $130 price point, we offer sound services, which include setting up and taking down a live stream for overflow rooms, a portable panel sound system with microphones, and setting up and taking down indoor and outdoor sound systems.

  • In-room recording and streaming

    High-quality recording and streaming services
    Livestream setup Recording support

    For $260, our in-room recording and streaming offerings cover setup and streaming of a live stream in the room. This also includes a panel sound system and recording support.

    Presenter support throughout the event is also included. For recording needs, we offer services that include setup, recording, and editing.

  • Portable recording and streaming

    For flexible and mobile recording and streaming
    Portable livestream Portable recording

    Priced at $390, we provide portable AV services for live stream setup and streaming. The package includes panel sound and recording with portable setup, recording, and editing.

    Additionally, we offer portable presentation AV setup and takedown services. The recording services include setup, recording, and editing for portable use.

  • Custom offerings

    Tailored solutions for unique requirements
    Custom streaming Video production

    Our custom offerings are variable in price to reflect the unique nature of the services. These can include custom video production to provide unique, high-quality visual representations of your event or meeting, alongside custom streaming solutions to cater to the diverse needs of different events and audiences.