The service charges listed below apply only to researchers from labs whose PIs do not have a primary or secondary faculty appointment in an HMS Basic Science department (external users).

Please reference this HMS policy for more details.

Compute **

The compute resources that you request for your HPC jobs will define the usage charges you will incur. Charges will be based on the total number of compute hours in a given billing period.

Core Charge Rate (1 core x 1 hour) 
RAM Charge Rate (1 GiB x 1 hour) 

Standard Compute 

Compute job with less than 256GiB RAM reserved 



High Memory Compute 

Compute job with more than 256GiB RAM reserved 






Charge Rate (1 card x 1 hour) 


GPU Compute 

Single or double precision 








The storage usage charge is based on the sum of daily usage divided by the number of days in a quarter. It does NOT depend on the folder size limit.

Charge Rate (1 TiB*, per year) 
Charge Rate (1 TiB*, per quarter) 

Active Compute 

Fast SSD for HPC Compute (O2) 



Active Collaborations 

Fast disk for lab computers (research.files) 




Slower disks for less frequently accessed data 




Annual Fees

The annual fee is charged for any non-quad-based HMS groups** that have a group folder (regardless of usage) and/or has any users with active cluster accounts. 

Annual Access Fee Annual Access Fee per PI/Group  $40.00


Billing Rates as of 7/06/2021

These rates will be reviewed and updated annually.

*TiB = 1 Tebibyte is equal to 1.0995 Terabytes

** Researchers from labs whose PIs do not have a primary or secondary faculty appointment in an HMS Blavatnik Institute Basic and Social Science Department will be charged for using HMS High-Performance Computing and storage resources.