Disposing of old computers and hardware

Responsibility for the disposal of old computers is up to you and your department. If the computer is still in good working order and not too old, then you may be able to hand it off to someone else in the department. If the computer doesn't work, is too old to be useful, or you simply do not need it, HMS IT can either re-purpose it to another department or can have it securely and responsibly recycled. Contact your local IT support team or the HMS IT Service at 617-432-2000 for more information.

Hard drive disposal

Harvard University Information Security policy conforms to the Massachusetts law that mandates confidential information must be protected. Before donating or recycling computer equipment make sure all applications and data are securely removed from the computer.

If computer equipment designated for recycling contains data (for example, a hard drive), contact your local IT support team so they can remove the hard drive for secure disposal. After the hard drives are removed a label will be affixed showing it is approved for recycling by Campus Operations. Campus Operations will not accept computer equipment without an HMS IT confirmation sticker. Computer equipment that does not contain data (for example, monitors) will not require an HMS IT confirmation sticker.

To schedule a pickup of your computer equipment, contact the Facilities Call Center at 617-432-1901.