HarvardKey grants you access to University Library Resources, Pubmed, My.Harvard, Harvard Web Applications, Crimson Cash, Aspire, and Peoplesoft.

Harvard University ID (HUID)

All Harvard staff, faculty, and students are issued a Harvard ID number which corresponds to the first eight digits of your Harvard ID badge.

If you have any questions related to your Harvard ID number, contact the appropriate resource below.

HMS Human Resources HMS and HSDM (staff and faculty)
HMS Students’ Registrar Office
HSDM Students’ Registrar Office
  • 617-432-8243
School of Public Health Human Resources
HSPH Students’ Registrar

Reset Your HUID or HarvardKey Password

Please go to the HarvardKey Help page. For additional help with your PIN please call the HUIT Help Desk at 617-496-9001.