Transfer Zoom recordings to Panopto in Canvas

The following is a reminder of how to manage your Zoom recording long term storage depending on what Canvas instance you use for your course:

MD and DMD courses

For MD and DMD courses (hosted on, we recommend a manual transfer of Zoom recordings into your Panopto folder in Canvas.

Visit Transfer Zoom Recordings to Panopto in Canvas to learn more.

Watch this video to learn how to:

  • Access and download your Zoom Recording
  • Access and upload your Zoom recording file in Panopto in Canvas



Master's Degree Courses

For Master's Degree courses (hosted on, you can make the Zoom-Panopto transfer process automatic if you schedule your Zoom sessions inside of Canvas. When you open your Zoom session from Canvas and record your session to the cloud, after the recording is done processing, it will transfer automatically to your Panopto folder in the same Canvas course.

Visit How to use the Zoom + Panopto Integration in HUIT Canvas to learn more.

Watch this video to learn how to:

  • Schedule Zoom Session in HUIT Canvas.


Note: Video recordings should not remain in Zoom if you plan to use the video as a permanent content for your course. We recommend transferring them to Panopto.

You can always contact the HMS Teaching and Learning Technologies Team at and we can help guide you with your remote teaching needs.

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