Set up Duo Push notifications by February 2 to retain access to Salesforce

To improve security and to meet new requirements from Salesforce, HMS IT will turn off phone calls and text messages as two-factor authentication (2FA) methods for accessing Salesforce. Starting on February 2, 2022, you will not be able to sign in to Salesforce if you have phone calls and text messages set as your only 2FA method. This change only affects users of Salesforce and apps that rely on Salesforce, such as:

  • Internal Awards
  • Faculty Search
  • Faculty Attributes Tracking

To ensure your continued access, set up two-factor authentication (2FA) through the Duo Mobile app and select Duo Push as your authentication method.

If you have any questions or concerns, visit the HMS IT Service Desk online resources. You can also contact HMS IT at 617-432-2000 and

Phone on a table