Panopto to replace Mediasite

Last summer, we began using Panopto to more easily create, edit, and share videos for online teaching and learning. Panopto now hosts thousands of hours of video. Given this success and the ease of use of the platform, we are now making Panopto freely available for non-educational use to anyone with a HarvardKey.

To focus on supporting this popular service, HMS will retire Mediasite on June 15, 2021. All existing Mediasite videos will be automatically migrated to Panopto, except for a small number of videos in personal folders called “My Mediasite”. We will reach out directly to the owners of those folders to provide support.

To prepare for the migration, we will put Mediasite in read-only mode starting March 9, 2021. Once in read-only mode, you will be unable to upload new content.

We expect to complete the migration in early May. When the migration is complete, we will need your help to replace any Mediasite web links with the new corresponding Panopto links. We will provide further information on this in early May, but rest assured that we will provide support to help with this. Existing Mediasite content will remain available through June 15, 2021.

These resources will help you get started with Panopto:

IT Department