Departmental mailbox conversion

To improve security, HMS IT will convert departmental email accounts to shared mailboxes. A Microsoft 365 shared mailbox allows a group of users to view and send email from a common mailbox using their own login credentials. Benefits of shared mailboxes include:

  • Additional security – Two-factor authentication (2FA) will be required to access the shared account.
  • Assigned permissions – Prevents one person from becoming a communication bottleneck by granting access to multiple users.
  • Better message management – Shared mailbox communications are in one place.

How shared mailboxes work

  • Shared mailboxes require that access be granted by a mailbox owner or administrator.
  • Users access shared mailboxes by authenticating with their HMS ID and password.
  • 2FA through Duo is required for all Office 365 accounts. Users will be prompted to enter their own email address and password to access the shared mailbox.

Next steps

  • HMS IT will contact shared mailbox users to ask them to fill out a form to confirm that the mailbox is still in use and to identify the owners, managers, and delegates.
  • If the mailbox is still in use, the user will be asked to identify who will have read and manage access and who will have send-as access.  
    • Read and manage access grants the ability to read, move, and delete email messages in the mailbox, but not to send messages as that account. Read and Manage also grants the ability to delegate calendar access to others.
    • Send-as access grants the ability to send email messages as that account, but not to read, move, and delete email messages in the mailbox. Send-As does not grant any calendar permissions.
  •  Navigate to the convert departmental email accounts to shared accounts form to convert the account.

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