Harvard Medical School has a guest account mechanism that allows visitors and guests (non-HMS/HSDM employees) to access various school systems when requested by a Sponsor. Sponsors must be a Harvard Medical Faculty or Staff and must have a valid Harvard ID number. Guest User accounts may initially be requested for up to one year, though they may be extended for additional time if approved by a sponsor. Please note that due to the licensing agreements with the electronic journals, invited user accounts will NOT have access to the Digital Library.

Request a Guest User account for any of the following populations or situations:

  • Temporary employees paid via an outside agency (ex: Spherion)
  • Continuing Education or summer students
  • Non-HMS/HSDM Harvard employees (ex: FAS, SEAS, employee or faculty)
  • Harvard contractors/consultants with a HU contractor ID
  • Faculty members from another non-Harvard affiliated institution collaborating with HMS/HSDM faculty

Click here to request an Guest Account Extension.

Note: Hospital faculties' guests are not eligible for Harvard Medical School email accounts.

Register for your eCommons account 

All HMS faculty, staff, and students will need to register for an eCommons account with their HUID. If you are an intern or “temporary” employee will need to register using a Guest Key that will be provided to you.

An eCommons account is required for access to the following HMS resources: email, shared folders, wireless network, research cluster, and the HMS Web Portal: https://my.hms.harvard.edu.

Follow the instructions below to Register your eCommons Account:

  1. Go to https://ecommons.med.harvard.edu and click the “New User Registration” link. Click “Register Now.”
  2. Enter your Last Name in Step 1 and enter your HUID or Guest Key in Step 2, then click “Submit.”
  3. Click “Continue” to validate your email address.
  4. Create your new password, and click “Submit” to complete the registration process.
  5. When prompted, register for “Safecode security”, a self-service feature allowing you to reset your password or unlock your account should you forget your eCommons’ password.
  6. Register for Message Me to receive emergency notifications from Harvard University at the following url: https://messageme.harvard.edu/

The following items may vary for HMS guests:

  • Email account
  • Network file servers
  • Research applications