Harvard Medical School has a guest account mechanism that allows visitors and guests (non-HMS and HSDM employees) to access various school systems when requested by a sponsor. Sponsors must be a Harvard Medical faculty or staff and must have a valid Harvard ID number.

Guest user accounts may initially be requested for up to one year, though they may be extended for additional time if approved by a sponsor. Note that invited user accounts will not have access to the library's digital resources due to the licensing agreements.

Note – Guests of hospital faculty are not eligible for Harvard Medical School email accounts.

Activate your HMS account

HMS accounts are automatically created for those with a Harvard University ID (HUID) issued by Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health. Faculty and staff based at HMS-affiliated hospitals also qualify for an HMS account.

Your HMS account credentials consist of your HMS account ID and a password that you set during activation.

Before using an HMS account, you must activate it. To activate your HMS account, visit the account management page and select Activate your account.