Register your HMS account (eCommons ID)

HMS accounts (eCommons IDs) are automatically created for those with Harvard IDs issued by Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health. Faculty and staff based at HMS-affiliated hospitals also qualify for an HMS account.

Before using an HMS account, it must be registered.

To register your HMS account, download the Duo Mobile app, then contact HMS IT by phone at 617-432-2000 or by email at


Claim your HarvardKey

HarvardKey is Harvard University's online user credentialing, uniquely identifying you to Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) applications and services. Your HarvardKey credentials are required for accessing PeopleSoft, a tool for reporting your time, as well as many other Harvard University financial applications.

  1. Claim your HarvardKey:
  2. Go back to and select the “Set Up & Manage Your Two-Step Verification” link.
  3. HarvardKey FAQ:

HarvardKey is independent of your HMS eCommons username and password.

Email access

You can access your HMS email through the Outlook Web Access (OWA) interface by going to Log in using your eCommons username and password. Interns or “temporary” personnel should check with their HMS supervisor regarding HMS email eligibility.

Network and wireless access

You can connect to the internet by Ethernet connection (wired) or wireless connections. For instructions on how to access one of these connections, go to:

Research computing

Visit the Research Computing homepage: to learn more about HPCC access, training, consulting, imaging, and research software support.


HMS IT Service Desk: 617-432-2000 or

Each department at HMS has a dedicated team of Client Service Representatives (CSRs) providing localized desktop support.

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