Manage live polls

Poll Everywhere is a modern tool designed to enhance the interactivity of your meetings, webinars, and course sessions. Through cloud technology, it allows users to craft live or asynchronous polls. By sharing a simple web link or SMS, you can instantly gather feedback, opinions, or knowledge checks from your participants. Whether in an academic setting or a corporate meeting, Poll Everywhere ensures your session is dynamic and engaging. Plus, it offers both anonymous and respondent-tracked polling options.

Sign in to Poll Everywhere

  • Eligibility

    Access to HMS's Poll Everywhere license is available to:

    • All Quad-based faculty and staff
    • All registered students in HMS or HSDM degree programs
    • Other HMS users who will be using the tool to teach HMS students, or for an Quad-based HMS department’s work.

    Request an account on the HMS Poll Everywhere license. This form requires an HMS account.

  • Security

    Privacy Integrity

    Poll Everywhere prioritizes user safety by offering options for anonymous responses or tracked answers, ensuring data integrity and privacy.

Step-by-step guide on setting up your polls.

Ensure uninterrupted interaction on-the-go.

Integrate polls into your slides for a cohesive experience.

Prep tips for a flawless delivery.

Last-minute checks for a successful presentation.