Computer recommendations

For help selecting the right computer for you, review these recommendations:

Software requirements

Antivirus software: HMS IT requires that all computers used on campus have antivirus software installed.  For assistance in choosing personal antivirus software, visit Harvard University's Choosing Personal Antivirus website

Supported operating system: Ensure your personal computer software is up-to-date and running an HMS-supported operating system. Immediately install updates that address security vulnerabilities. Apply other updates within 30 days of their release. To check if your system is up-to-date, review the HMS-supported operating systems.

Backup software: HMS IT strongly recommends the use of backup software. When used correctly, backup software can create a backup of the critical files and personal data stored on your computer in case of hardware failure or other loss.

For assistance installing these applications, contact the HMS IT Service Desk.  

Additional information​​​​​​​

  • HMS and HSDM use Zoom web meeting software for virtual classes and meetings. Download the latest version.
  • All HMS and HSDM students are issued an or email address. To access your email, you will need a mobile device with Duo installed.