Two-factor authentication (2FA) uses a pre-registered device, such as your smartphone, to confirm your identity when you sign in to University resources. That way, even if your password is stolen, cybercriminals can't get into your account without having the second device as well. Harvard University uses  ️Duo to make the two-factor authentication (2FA) process quick and easy. 2FA prevents attackers from using compromised accounts to install malicious applications in our environment. In addition to email and Dropbox, two-factor authentication (2FA) ensures that all the applications in the Office 365 suite—including OneDrive and SharePoint—are protected against unauthorized access.

Note – You must set up the ️Duo mobile app for use with the Harvard Medical School Virtual Private Network (VPN) and your Office 365 email account. If you use the ️Duo app for HarvardKey, HMS will then appear as a separate entry.