Dropbox for Business

Harvard Medical School Information Technology is pleased to bring Dropbox for Business to our research community. The new offering is positioned to enable a secure, Harvard University sanctioned tool for storage, sync, and share. Our mission is to establish sustainable use of this tool to support research and collaboration within HMS and with external collaborators.

Dropbox for Business offers HMS a secure way to store, sync, and share data across platforms and across the globe. It Keeps your computer up to date with your working files. Even entire Labs can promote collaboration via SmartSync, which provides a platform for accessing shared data without taking up valuable space on your computers.

  • HMS Quad-based staff, faculty, postdocs, and grad students are eligible for Dropbox accounts
  • OnQuad and Invited Users are eligible for Dropbox accounts
  • Non-Harvard email addresses (e.g. gmail, yahoo, etc) cannot be used with Dropbox
  • Up to Harvard Level 3 Data only! Level 4 Data is not available at this time

Requesting a Dropbox Account

  • Request your Dropbox for Business account.
  • Subsidized HMS Dropbox Accounts can be requested by most Quad-based Harvard Medical School users.
  • Once an HMS Dropbox account is created, folders can be shared with any valid email address or Dropbox account holder.
  • The form must be submitted by, and the terms accepted by, the actual hms.harvard.edu account owner.

To date, we have over 800 HMS users already leveraging this secure Harvard-sanctioned tool for storing, syncing and sharing a total of nearly 60 Terabytes of data.

Features for HMS

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited version history
  • Team folders
  • SmartSync support
  • Harvard approved for use with up to Harvard Data Security Level 3 data (Level 4 in Phase 2).
  • Direct end-user support from Dropbox
  • Refunds for existing Pro or Business account-holders

Want to Use Dropbox for Business?

Eligible users can request an account today at Dropbox.hms.harvard.edu/join

Questions or Concerns?