Getting started at HMS

Step 1. Register your HMS account

HMS IDs are automatically created for those with Harvard IDs issued by Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard School of Public Health. Faculty and staff based at HMS-affiliated hospitals also qualify for an HMS account.

Before using an HMS account, it must be registered.

To register your HMS account, contact HMS IT by phone at 617-432-2000 or by email at

Step 2. Access education applications
Step 3. Sign in to the HMS email system

Use your new HMS username and case-sensitive password to sign in to your official email account at

Your official student email address at HMS will be:

  • HSDM students:
  • HMS students:
  • HST Ph.D. students:

Note – Incoming GSAS and DMS students receive only a FAS email account. Work with the FAS IT staff on any issues with your FAS email.

Additional information

Change my HMS password
  1. Launch a web browser.
  2. Sign in to MyCourses at
  3. Select I Forgot My Password (located below the Submit button.)
  4. Enter your HMS account/MyCourses Username and select Submit.
  5. Follow the directions on how to reset your case-sensitive password.
  6. Test your new case-sensitive password by logging out of the computer and logging into all of your HMS accounts.
Change email password

Your email password is the same as your MyCourses/HMS account password. See instructions above. 


Yes, you are required to have antivirus software on your computer. For more information, read about our required information security software.


The goal of the HarvardKey is to provide a student with one number that s/he can use to access many different University systems and services.

Visit for more information and to obtain your HarvardKey. 

Some examples of services accessed via HarvardKey:

  1. Student, Teaching, and Advising Portal at
  2. Discounted Computers and Software  

Additional information and help are available at

Emergency text message service

Yes, sign in to your MyCourses account, select Preferences in the upper left corner of the frame, and select Messaging. Select on the button, Sign Up/Edit under the Emergency Broadcasting Text Message Service panel and follow the directions to register for this service.

Computing services

Visit the Student Computing section of the HMS IT website.

Troubleshoot internet connection on Mac

This is a common problem that students see on Apple and iOS devices after they change their passwords. Go to Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access. In here, you will want to delete anything and everything related to HMS accounts. After this has been done, it’s easy to enter your new password and save this into your keychain for future use.

Set up your phone to receive HMS email
Fix a misspelled name

You must contact the registrar's office directly to make changes to your student information. After the change has been made with the registrar’s office, it will be changed on downstream HMS systems.