HMS IT offers this service to HMS and HSDM students if they need a computer for an exam or if they need a replacement computer while their main computer is being repaired.

Exam loaners 

When a student's personal computer cannot pass the necessary exam qualifications or is otherwise unsuitable for running the exam software, we can offer a loaner computer during the exam.  Exam loaners are issued during the certification period just before the exam and are returned at the end of the exam.

Exam loaners are offered to students taking HMS-sponsored exams using Examplify or NBME SHELF exam software.

Repair loaners

HMS MD and HSDM DMD students are eligible for loaner computers when their personal computer is undergoing repairs at a repair facility. This computer is returned within seven days or when the repair has been completed, whichever occurs first.

Repair Loaners are limited to HMS MD and HSDM DMD students only. Other faculty, staff, and students are not eligible for repair loaners through this service. Check with your School or department.

For more information about the Student Loaner Computer Service, email or stop by the HMS IT Computer Resource Center located in Tosteson Medical Education Center (TMEC) 225.