macOS Big Sur and Apple M1 compatibility update

Examplify and NBME have reported that their respective applications are compatible with Apple M1 processors and with macOS Big Sur on both Apple and Intel processors, provided the latest versions of the applications are installed. Please make sure to update the application to the latest version prior to taking an exam.

To use your own laptop to take an NBME exam online, the computer must first pass a certification. IT staff can help you do this prior to the exam day if you have trouble certifying it yourself.

If you have been locked out of the pre-certification due to "too many attempts", do not panic. If contacted in advance of exam day, HMS-IT can still certify your computer for use during the exams or provide a loaner if needed. 

Before exam day

Prior to taking the SHELF exam, you will need to have:

It is recommended that you have access to an alternate computer in case your laptop fails shortly before or during the exam. If your laptop fails during the exam, notify the Exam Proctor, who is the only person who can assist you with getting technical assistance or resuming the test on another computer.

Note: If you are not able to use your laptop for any upcoming exam, contact IT at least three days prior to exam day by sending email to or calling the Service Desk at 617-432-2000 to schedule a pickup of a loaner. 

No loaners will be given out on the day of the exam.

Follow the instructions for remote SHELF exam laptop certification