Upon graduation, your HMS email account, O365 OneDrive, OneNote, MyCourses, eCommons and other student services will be deactivated. Eligibility requirements are covered below.

Graduating Student FAQ

I am not graduating this year. Will I have access to my HMS email account and other services? (online storage space, web hosting, etc.)

If your student status in the Registrar's Office states that you will not be graduating this year, your HMS email account and other services will not be deactivated. Call the appropriate Registrar's office to see what your status is.

Can I maintain my HMS email account if I transition to an on-quad HMS faculty or non-casual FT/PT staff role?

Yes, if you are transitioning to a new role at HMS that is your primary employment such as an on-quad faculty or non-casual FT/PT staff position, your account will not change, and you will maintain your HMS email account.

Can I maintain my MyCourses/eCommons account if I transition to an on-quad HMS faculty or non-casual FT/PT staff role upon graduation?

Yes, your eCommons/MyCourses account will carry over with your new role for on-quad locations. No change is necessary.

If I do not officially transition to a faculty role until or after my graduation date, can I prevent my MyCourses/eCommons account from being disabled for the transition?

Yes, if you are transitioning to an on-quad HMS faculty or non-casual FT/PT staff role in the near future, you may request a delay in terminating your MyCourses/eCommons account for an additional 60 days. Please contact the Student Computing Support Desk via email prior to July 31st.

I am graduating at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, but will be a HSDM Resident this coming school year. Can I keep my email account and other services?

Yes, if you are transitioning to a Harvard Dental School residency program this year after graduation, then your HMS/HSDM email account and services will remain active. Please check with the HSDM Registrar's office to see if all of your residency information is correctly entered into their system. For the HSDM Registrar's Office call (617) 432-1443.

I am graduating this year, but will begin a new program at a non-HMS/HSDM school at Harvard. Can I keep my email account and other services?

No. A suggestion would be to begin forwarding your emails from your HMS/HSDM email account to your new email account if it is already set up for you. Otherwise, you will need to forward it to another email account such as yahoo or gmail or save your emails to a local hard drive. See information below on how to save your emails to your local computer.

Can I maintain my HMS email account if I transition to a faculty role, but my primary employment is at an HMS-affiliated hospital?

No, the HMS email account policy requires that an off-quad appointed faculty member employed by an affiliated institution obtain and use an employer-supplied email address such as @bidmc, @caregroup, @partners, etc. and therefore do not qualify for an HMS email account.

How can I obtain an alumni.harvard.edu "email forwarding" account?

Email accounts for all HMS/HSDM/DMS/HST graduates will be deactivated upon graduation. A recommended course of action is as follows:

  1. Obtain a new email account (such as @yahoo, @hotmail, or at your new place of work).
  2. Sign up for email forwarding at the Harvard Alumni Affairs and Development as soon as possible (*See details below.) - Their services provide you with an email forwarding address of yourname@alumni.harvard.edu
  3. Update your Alumni.Harvard Forwarding account to point to your non-Harvard email account.
  4. Inform all your friends, family and other contacts of your new email address at yourname@alumni.harvard.edu before your graduation date.
  5. Forward any mail that you want to save to your non-Harvard email account. See more information on Email Forwarding provided by Harvard Alumni Affairs & Development below.

Questions regarding your Alumni.Harvard forwarding account can be submitted online at https://community.alumni.harvard.edu/contact-us. Additional questions regarding the deactivation of your HMS e-mail account and other student services can be directed to Student Computing Support via email.

Email Forwarding provided by Harvard Alumni Affairs & Development

Graduating students can check if they are eligible to register for Alumni.Harvard at http://alumni.harvard.edu/help/email-forwarding/forwarding-setup-activation. Continue following the remaining steps at the Alumni.Harvard site to complete your registration.

If you experience any problems with registration or logging into your account, please email Harvard Alumni Affairs & Development or call 617-496-0559. You can also view their help section at http://alumni.harvard.edu/help

NOTE: Alumni.Harvard e-mail forwarding is not an email account, and it will not replace your current e-mail Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your Harvard (FAS/HMS) e-mail account. Messages sent to your Alumni.Harvard address are forwarded to an e-mail account that you provide.

Is it possible to download my existing mail to my personal computer before my HMS email account is deactivated?

Yes, if you have graduated and would like to save your emails from your HMS Exchange account, you need to do the following:

You need a desktop email client such as MS Outlook or Mac Mail on your home computer.Configure your desktop email client settings at the Email Configuration Page to use IMAP which allows you to see a reflection of your emails and subfolders on the HMS Exchange server.Once you set up your HMS_IMAP account via your desktop email client, just drag and drop your emails from your HMS account onto your local Inbox. Most desktop email clients will show a local Inbox folder that allows for saving emails onto your computer's hard drive.

A final option would be to forward your mail from the server, using a rule, to Gmail or another email address that you own. You can find information on that here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/support/forward-email-to-another-email-account-HA103532434.aspx In this case, be sure to apply the forwarding rule to all past mail as well.