Zoom releases new updates to improve security and add features

Since August, there have been a significant number of changes to the Zoom platform. Update Zoom to the latest version to take full advantage of these changes.

Security updates

To improve security, Zoom will require all meetings to be protected with a passcode or waiting room starting Sunday, September 27, 2020. Since April, most newly scheduled Harvard Zoom meetings have been passcode-protected by default. However, this change may impact: 

  • Meetings—including recurring meetings—scheduled before April 8, 2020
  • Meetings hosted using a personal meeting link or ID (PMI)
  • Users who have deactivated the default passcode protection

To ensure that these changes don’t disrupt your upcoming meetings, add a passcode to your Zoom meetings

After September 27, Zoom will automatically add a waiting room to any meetings that are not passcode-protected. Waiting rooms require the host to admit individual participants before they can join a meeting. You can learn more about waiting rooms in documentation from HUIT.

New and enhanced features

For general updates on new Zoom features, visit the Zoom blog. This is where all major updates from Zoom are featured.

Anyone with an HMS email address can request a Harvard Zoom account. For all other Zoom information, visit our Zoom website.