HMS IT Endpoint Services Program

The HMS IT Endpoint Services desktop support program uses industry-standard computer management software to enhance the desktop computer support provided by HMS and HSDM. The applications we use are:

Remote Support Benefits

  • Using remote support software to install, update and upgrade software can:
    • Significantly reduce the need for IT staff to put hands on the computer, protecting both computer user and support staff
    • Decrease time to resolution which reduces productivity lost due to IT visits
  • Self-Service Portals give faculty and staff the freedom to install pre-packaged software anytime they like.
  • Remote support software allows IT to remotely troubleshoot your campus-based computers by:
    • Checking current power state and responsivity
    • Determine current IP address
    • Send a remote Restart command
    • Enable local user account password reset (for forgotten passwords)
    • Configure power settings to recover after power outage
    • Configure securely for Microsoft Remote Desktop Control/Screen Sharing
  • Increases computer security by ensuring operating systems and applications are automatically up to date.
  • Computers attached to instruments can be secured and made more productive by reducing non-research activities and prioritizing their intended purposes.
  • Inventory reporting for department administrators track computer purchasing, insurance liability, and life-cycles.


All HMS Faculty, Staff and Postdocs with an HMS-supported computer are eligible for the Endpoint Services Program. Endpoint Services Program software is installed as part of the Cyber Essentials security suite.

What computers are eligible?

Any Harvard-owned computer in use by faculty, staff, Postdocs or students that have a reasonable expectation of support by the HMS Information Technology, including, but not limited to:

  • On Quad computers used for daily HMS related work.
  • Off Quad Work computers purchased for use in a location other than the worker’s primary HMS office, used primarily for HMS related work.
    • If the computer is used in a hospital or HMS affiliate location, please see the Special Exemptions section below.
  • HMS owned & supported computers connected to instruments.
  • Any computer that has Harvard University or Harvard Medical School site-licensed or volume-licensed software installed on it. Certain software licensing agreements require management tools to be installed on the computer as long as the licensed software is installed.
Special exemptions
  • Computers belonging to students NOT working in an HMS lab or office position.
  • Home computers purchased with personal funds and used by members of the household who do not work at HMS/HSDM.
  • Computers removed from service by HMS and not used to work from home.
  • Instrument computers that are fully supported by a vendor.
  • Computers too old to run the self-service software.
  • Some computers that are used by clients with multiple appointments may have to abide by rules implemented by other institutions. In these cases, the device is not eligible for these remote support tools.  Please contact the institutions’ local IT service desk for support.
Are HMS/HSDM students eligible?
  • Students working in a lab or office, as an HMS or HSDM staff member, are eligible.
  • Students not working in an official capacity for HMS/HSDM are NOT eligible to participate in the Program.