Web Publishing and Hosting is your one-stop shop for managing your organization’s web presence.

HMS IT offers consulting services to help you choose right environment and technology and plan your web strategy. Our hosting services will give your existing web properties a forever home, and our web design and development services will help you to build, rebuild or improve your existing sites. Our content management training will ensure that you’re able to take advantage of everything your website has to offer by ensuring that you’re fully-trained in the systems you use.


Web Consulting

Our web consulting group will help to analyze your web-related needs and suggest options to identify the solutions that best address your unique challenges. We adapt our expertise in proven web strategies and best practices to your situation, helping you to avoid pitfalls and delays and navigate the best route toward success. If you’re not sure where to start, or whether the solution you’ve imagined is the best fit for your requirements, we’re the folks to ask.

  • We’ll help you choose where and how to build, rebuild or improve your web presence, whether hosted on our own servers, in Acquia Cloud or Site Factory, or on Harvard’s OpenScholar CMS.
  • We can advise on all aspects of your web needs, from your site’s information architecture to the selection, setup and configuration of a CMS or web technology.
  • Our experts will leverage our experience to help you deconstruct web projects of all sizes down into specific, achievable goals and a path to success.
  • An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure – support from the Web Consulting service will ensure that you make the right decisions early-on and avoid pitfalls down the road.
Web Content Management Training

Got a shiny new website and not quite sure yet how to use it? We’re here to help. Our Web Content Management Training service provides live, hands-on training to any users whose sites we support. Whether in person or via web or video conferencing, we’ll tailor a training to fit your specific site and needs, focusing on helping you achieve the goals you bring to the table.

  • Our trainings usually take less than an hour and target the specific sites you’ll be using.
  • We can do in-person trainings or conferencing-based trainings, depending on availability.
  • Depending on your needs, we’ll help you understand how to:
    • Create, edit and manage content on your site,
    • Upload, embed and format rich media on your site,
    • Use taxonomies to structure your site the way you want,
    • Use available modules and plugins to enhance your site’s user experience, and
    • Integrate with other HMS resources like Harvard Catalyst, Trumba and MyHMS.
  • We can do in-person trainings or conferencing-based trainings, depending on availability.
  • We’ll go as slowly or as quickly as you need us to; we adjust our trainings to fit the audience and their level of expertise.

Web Design & Development

Web Design and Development services handle the creation, support and ongoing improvement of dynamic web-based sites and systems. This group should be the first stop for HMS departments who are hoping to build, migrate or improve their web presence. Our developers will help to carry your web project from conceptualization to completion, delivering high-quality and scalable web solutions that stay future-proof by following industry standards and best practices.

  • We build externally- and internally-facing websites quickly and affordably by leveraging open-source content management systems like Drupal.
  • We use Acquia Cloud and Acquia Site Factory to quickly spin up scalable websites that you and your users can grow into.
  • We’ll guide you toward the content management solution that best fits your needs.
  • We handle ongoing support and maintenance for the sites under our purview – so you don’t have to.
  • We provide project management support for web projects, ensuring that goals, timelines and budgets stay balanced.

Web Hosting

Our web hosting service provides a home for your self-developed website. Let us take care of the underlying web and systems maintenance, and help you to register a name for your site, so you can focus on what’s most important to you – your website content and design. If the available options for hosting at HMS don’t meet your needs, talk to us about external vendor hosting options.

  • We provide on-site hosting for simple (html, php, web application framework) sites.
  • Automated site uptime monitoring is included as part of the hosting service.
  • Hosting is provided in a modern, open source Linux Apache/MySQL/PHP (“LAMP”) environment.
  • Web application hosting is also supported, subject to requirements availability in our environment.