Your voicemail messages will automatically be sent to your HMS email account. You can connect to the Harvard Phone User Account Portal to make feature changes.

Note – There are some incompatibility issues with Google Chrome and the Harvard Phone Portal. If you're having difficulty, please try a different browser.

Unlock your voicemail inbox

Wait 30 minutes; then, your voicemail box will unlock. You can also change your PIN.

Change your PIN

  1. Sign in to Harvard Phone.
  2. Select My Information in the Quick Menu area.
  3. Enter a new password in the New Pin box under My Credentials.
  4. Select Save.

Where your messages are stored

The standard setting for VoIP phones is to have voice mail messages sent to your HMS email account. Other options available include having the voicemail message:

  • Be retrieved from your desktop or another phone
  • Be retrieved from your desktop or other phone and sent to your HMS email address as a .wav file

If you want to change your voicemail retrieval options, email the HMS IT Service Desk at