HMS IT will soon introduce HMS Account Self-Service, a new secure, reliable and robust web based self-service password management solution to reset, change or unlock a password without having to contact the IT Service Desk.

Available to HMS staff, faculty, students, and hospital affiliates, this tool has a secure, easy to use user interface accessible through a browser link and on IOS mobile devices allowing you to unlock a locked account, change your password , or reset your password.  

  • Enhanced Security - Integrated with two-step verification (using Duo, which most users at HMS should already have installed) for added security and it also enforces a custom granular password policy for improved password strength.
  • Proactive notifications - Notifies end users of impending password or account expiration so that they are able to change passwords timely without impact to productivity.
  • Simplicity - Once enrolled, users can manage all of their AD (Active Directory) account passwords in one place.
  • Efficiency - No need to call the HMS IT Service Desk to reset password or unlock account, which reduces the number of HMS IT Service Desk password-related tickets.
  • Productivity - Enhances end user productivity by averting unnecessary and prolonged wait times for service desk support due to locked or forgotten password issues.  

How to Access

More details on availability coming soon. The application will be accessible via a standard web browser and can be used on mobile devices. The tool is not supported on Android and is only supported on iOS at this time.

Learn More

We are currently in the process of creating a knowledge base article where you'll find additional resources on setup.