Web Browser Security Settings

You can control how your web browser interacts with web content using the Security setting.


Internet Explorer (Windows):

  1. Select Tools, Internet Options... from the menu.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Click the Custom Level... button to adjust specific security settings or change the security level.
  4. Click OK (twice) to return to the browser window.


The Firefox web browser security setting look the same on both Macintosh and Windows computers.

  1. On a Macintosh, select Firefox, Preferences... from the menu. On a Windows computer, choose Tools, Options.... from the menu.
  2. Click Security.
  3. If you like to save passwords for protected web sites, please consider creating a Master Password to ensure private information is not accessed by others using your computer.
  4. Review other security settings and make the best selections for your needs.
  5. To exit and save you settings: On a Macintosh, close the window. On a Windows computer, click OK.


Review or change Safari's security settings by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Choose Safari, Preferences... from the menu.
  2. Click Security.
  3. Review and adjust the security settings to suit your needs.
  4. Close the window.

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